LRG Page Excerpts – Section 1: The BASICS

Land Resource Guide
Questions You Need to Know the Answers to …and Where to Find Them

What Do YOU Really “Own” when You
Obtain Land with a Certificate of Title or Deed?



{Yup, even after jumping thru all those intentions, emotions,  hoops, paperwork and bureaucracy!!!}

> Are You conversant in familiarity with Allodial Title?

> What about a Land Patent?

> …and Land Patent Rights?

> With Planning to Invest in Real Estate, would You consider it prudent to know your options in real estate Law?

> Common Law?….

> Constitutional Law?

>> Do You know that the legal definitions of today do not necessarily reflect legal definitions used when earlier laws were enacted or Court decisions were made?

>>>How many unanswered questions will You allow to slip by in your Land and Legal interests?

One of my Life Philosophies that I endeavor my clients to learn is:

The more You understand your options,

the better Life decisions You can make!

And to do that,

You have to KNOW what your OPTIONS ARE!

In the United States and contrary to popular belief , You do not OWN your property in full Ownership rights from a Certificate of Title or any type of Deed, although some deeds get you closer, but NEVER ever fully there!  At best, You have rights similar to a tenant.

If You think not, then why is the government or banks
able to take your property away?

Per Black’s Law Dictionary Fourth Edition with pronunciation guide, copyright 1891, printed 1957:

Allodial. Free; not holden of any lord or superior; owned without obligation or vassalage or fealty; the opposite of feudal.  Barker v Dayton 28 Wis384; Wallace v. Harmstad,44 Pa. 499.

Fealty ~ In feudal law. Fidelity; allegiance to the feudal lord of the manor. [ I pledge allegiance to the flag of … ” hmmmm! THINKabout it!]   {In today’s world, could the “lord” now be the government, or banks, or corporations, or churches?    What’s your answer to this question above?    What’s your answer to the situation? What’s your answer to re-gaining your Freedom and Ownership?  Unsure? …Hint:   …better re-read the Legal Definition of Allodial. ;>) }


What to Do with Not Enough Cash, Downpayment
and/or No Bank Financing?


There are alternatives that exist. Be creative!!!  

If You cannot get financing, perhaps the Seller, or someone You know, or someone would like to come into community with You, will provide a private loan to You for a period while You pull things together. Many times, in my movements around the countryside acquiring properties for stewardship,  I have used a “seller carry-back” loan, where the Seller is the note holder.

As in a bank mortgage, a longer term can be arranged to bring the monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual payment down to an amount You can handle.  The “Beware” here is that You allow enough time to “pull it together”!!!  Refrain from shortchanging yourself on time.  In addition, what ever You are counting on to assist You to “pull it together” needs to be solid enough for it to actually happen. It You think You have set a long enough timeframe now, and FEEL in your Heart if it is correct. If not, there is a risk that You could lose it all.

However, if You are a GOoD “Intender” and a  GOoD “Manifester”,  You may decide to take “the risk” with full Knowing and Trust that the event fully is happening, not will or can happen. Perhaps it’s time to re-look at the principles given in the earlier video “Intenders of the Highest Good”

For a downpayment, You can trade anything that You and the Seller agree to: labor, services, vehicles, equipment, boat, art, jewelry, animals, crop sharing, partnership, etc. Trading can be used in any of the 4 alternatives below. What can You deliver that brings enough congregate value to the Seller?

Some other alternatives to allow You time to adapt your situation for a Purchase have some similarities, 4 such alternatives are listed below:

  1. Become A long term Guardian/ Caregiver for a Property.
  2. A Lease Agreement and an Option Agreement.
  3. A Lease Agreement and a Purchase Agreement.
  4. A Lease and a Purchase (or Option) with the “Right of First Refusal” Agreements.

All 4 of these allow You to live on the property, but with not all the freedoms You would have with a direct purchase.

People’s circumstances change over time.  As a long term Guardian/ Caregiver, the Seller may be open, at some point in the “future”, to do something with You at a reduced price, or reduced downpayment, or no downpayment at all.   It has even been known to happen that the Seller may have a special attachment to the property and rather than sell or give it to someone who might defile the property, because of your In-visioning, your Love and your tender care of the property, it comes right into your lap, so to speak.

 Just how good of a Manifester are You?


Profiteering Pirate Corporations and Government Support

We are beginning here, with The Bigger Picture of Money and Financing, because it effects your local intrinsic values…the value of your money, and the value of your land, your buying Power, … and invented “inflation” takes the rest away.  When You understand this, perhaps You will change to “make changes” so this does not happen to yourself, other Humans, or your Mother Earth again.


In the 4 1/2 minute video, “On trial in Ecuador”,  listen to the REAL TRUTH experiences of the persons and view the death and inhumane treatment of persons at the profiteering of corporations.  The degradation and devastation of Mother Earth is abominable and inexcusable!


When You choose to not be an integral and active part of the change THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOUR PERSONAL MOTHERLAND.  Perhaps in ignorant disbelief,  some have said/say “It can’t happen here!” For some it already has along the coastlines, rivers, and wetlands in Alaska and along the Gulf of Mexico.   And what about the hundreds, perhaps thousands of other every day occurrences that have gotten no publicity for varying reasons of greed. Moreover, the lives of hundreds of thousands and probably millions of our bothers and sisters of the Earth whose lives, families and cultures are forever effected.


THIS IS HAPPENING TO YOUR MOTHER EARTH!!!   It is the reason this video and the others were  chosen for this Resource Guide.  LOVE your MOTHER by calling ALL others to LOVE their MOTHER too.  What happens for One happens for ALL!


In my opinion, these guys are as dastardly as the bad guys in “Avatar”- the Movie: 


Chevron Texaco On trial in Ecuador   4m23s

courtesy of

…the below video clip was originally found on                           Thank You John!

{  Or on Youtube at }


Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations,

John Bolton Admits All of Theses Wars ARE for Oil


Interview of John Prekins by Riz Khan – Economic Hit Man – 27 Nov 07   17m56s


Save The Bees

It  has been said that Albert Einstein predicted that without bees the human race would survive for about 4 years.

The Bees and other animals are in a deadly mess due to the FDA and other governmental entities, KNOWN ENVIROMENTAL LETHAL TOXINS ARE USED in corporate produced agricultural and other products.  It begins with the simpler and smaller life forms from the chemicals and the DNA modifications produced in the laboratories, to the tilling in soil and spraying on plant life, then injections by the insects and larger creatures.  Moreover, It goes right on up the food chain IN ALL SPECIES including the Humans.  It increases in toxic damage dramatically in geometric proportions as it gets consumed, collected and transferred along.

Below are 2 Youtube clips and others links are written material to give You specifics or what causes the problems and what YOU personally can do, very simply,  to help save the Bees and our other planetary friends.   It has recently been given also that the woods used by Humans to build hive habitats for bees have a degree of toxicity.  White cedar is the best material to use for the more standard man-made on bee boxes.

Dead Birds, Bees & Fish Explained By EPA Document?        5m44s

Disappearance of the Bees Sequel 2        9m28s

See the movie:  “Queen of the Sun”  Website’s Home Page will have details to see movie.

Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) Knowingly Allowed Bee Killing Pesticide Onto the Market.

Save the Bees, Urges U.N.
. . . . .~
Bees’ declines range up to 85 percent in some areas and have prompted alarm from the United Nations.


Eco-Plan, Eco-Design, Eco-Develop & Eco-Build


In the development and construction of  your MotherLand site, there are many ways for lower cost homes and other buildings depending on your climate, soil types,  ingenuity,  and labor pool.

One of my old time favorite books is “Say Good-bye to the Flush toilet”. Remember to explore alternatives in your development practices too, as well as your structures!!!   …Water sourcing, and transmission, and conservation, and re-use, and reclamation and avoiding disposal as much as possible…

…Power sourcing, and transmission, and conservation, and re-use and reclamation, avoiding disposal…

…Organic and/or biodynamic, wholesome Food generation, storage, distribution, preparation and consumption…

…It is good to have an idea of your housing concept before You begin your development of site evaluation but it is not necessary. With a concept, You can direct attention to certain elements of what You intend to do with buildings or at maybe just their locations so You can be aware of things that may come up on preliminary site viewing or analysis.  …like a prospective well or septic location in respect to the house,

…or how utility lines and piping and access roads may fit into the plan.

For the buildings these alternative materials include: rammed earth, bagged earth, earth sheltered, adobe, stone, timber frame, log, stacked cord wood (rounds), cob, strawbale, bamboo, papercrete, cans, bottles, and tires …just to name a few.  You can research much on the internet, including rubble trench footings, in lieu of concrete.  You can also be alternatively creative with more conventional materials like lumber, corrugated roofing, and reclaimed materials.   Eco-buildings can lead to some very supple architecture.

For Sustain~Able Land development there are alternatives for hillside and road stabilizing, for road and drive base/paving/topping, pond linings, water delivery and electric generation, for on and off grid performance.

Be sure to be sensitive to the Land’s existing natural sculpting and characteristics. 


For an quick and easy concept example see:

INTRO TO PERMACULTURE 11 – Rural Permaculture

with Bill Wilson  at the 1m30s area of this 9m10s video clip:

Even if it may sound or seem strange to You now, consult with the Mother Earth for how she would have You work with her. Everything in Creation, whether seen or unseen is made up of energies. All living forms have a system or systems of energies.  These energy systems most generally have some organized pattern or transmission avenues showing up in what are referred to commonly as meridians and grids. Mother Earth is no exception.


Radioactive Food? – Not with Biodynamics!

One of the world’s best kept secrets, or perhaps most suppressed, is that food grown biodynamically using one particular preparation results in crops free of radioactive contamination. That preparation is the BC-Biodynamic Compound preparation or as it is popularly known, the Barrel Compost recipe of Maria Thun. It has also been called Manure Concentrate, Fladenpreparate, and CPP or Cow Pat Preparation.

This preparation was in development by Maria Thun from 1958 to 1972. In 1986, after the Chernobyl disaster, certain biodynamic farms using the BC did not show radioactivity readings although neighboring conventional farms as well as biodynamic farms not using the BC were showing radioactive contamination. This information was not recognized by the scientists conducting the tests, because, according to Maria Thun, “—they did not give any written confirmation of this to avoid the claim that a means against radioactivity exists.”

Biodynamic research has never been supported by mainstream agricultural science. The nuclear disaster in Japan serves as a reminder of the importance of this research. Funding is desperately needed to further this research to prove the efficacy of Biodynamics.

To see what ongoing research JPI is conducting please visit JPI’s Research Projects page Any donations or assistance with grants is always welcome and appreciated.

Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics, Inc.



{And some scientists are stating that the recent strong increases of human birth deaths along the west coast of the U.S., (California, Oregon and Washington) may be due to Fukishima catasrophe of 6 months before, in March of 2011. The situation is still unfolding.}


Financing Unusual, Eco-friendly,

and Just Plain Weird Homes

EXCERPT FROM THIS HEADING: Article not published here

{This is my Commentary in addition to the article’s info  in LAND RESOURCE GUIDE

from my 30+ years in the industry by L’iv}

Before the financial meltdown, whether You believe it was orchestrated activities or not, there were a lot of very loose financing requirements.  Even then, there was not a lot of opportunity with alternative developments or alternative buildings.  It is not that there wasn’t any, just not much.

Among my group of national lenders, I was able to find one different lender for each of the following; domes, logs, bamboo kit and component homes, and one was in process of potentially approving strawbale.  Not now though!As the article states the best opportunity for alternative loans is locally in smaller banks, credit unions, private individuals or perhaps grant-type programs.  If people easily like You then go where people know You.   If You are not easily liked, then shift your energy and create the change with-In You, first.  ; >)

CAUTION: make sure when working with any lender that in addition to the construction loan (generally 6 – 12 mos. and on rare occasion to 24 months) that they will also give you a “take out” loan to take out the construction loan and put longer term financing on such, most usually 15, 20 or 30 years.  


REMEMBER TO GET IT ALL IN WRITING BY AN AUTHORITY PERSON of the Lender, dated and signed.  A loan person may not be there long, but if it is a bank officer or department head, a lender may be held with their feet tot he fire, if necessary. 


READ THE FINE PRINT and UNDERSTAND IT ALL.  YOUR MOTHERLAND MAY BE YOUR LIFE’S GREATEST INVESTMENT and that of your children and great, great grandchildren.  Do not be afraid to ask questions, it is not your area of expertise.  Even the facilitators, Presidents or CEOs have things they do not know for sure.   This is another reason to get as much as You can in writing to fall back on.   Rather than just having someone’s opinion or policy, rather than a law, code or requirement, their words can be made available in writing.


BE VERY CAUTIOUS of on-line lenders that you do not have a way for direct PERSONAL contact, not a just an email address. Get a phone and a physical address. Mail a letter there to a department head with signature request for delivery. See if you get a reply.


Stay away from any banks that are Big Bank lenders and/or affiliated with the Wall Street culture that has been unethical and illegal in the past.  Way more than likely, they still are, perhaps just wearing a new marketing campaign or chanting a new slogan. Due to professional experiences of the past in mortgages, I personally have no trust for lenders such as Citi-Bank J.P. Morgan,. Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, US Bank.  Also see who else got the “Bailout” monies and you may choose to avoid them like the plague.  They are still up to deceit when You follow the fullness of the paper trail. Perhaps in caution, You make the choice to play their game, or You may choose to seek alternatives.

Regarding appraisals: You may be able to have a lender accept other UNIQUE properties instead of the same, i.e. dome for dome, log for log, etc. You just have to both agree upon what is “unique”.   I once had a lender accept a home on a parcel with a warehouse on it as a unique comparable to a dome home.


In the final formula the biggest keys are to:


¤   Proceed with Passion,

¤   Be aware of and pay attention to the signs and synchronicities.

¤   Find the Beauty in all things

¤   Be in Gratitude, no matter what.

¤   Pay attention to what comes from your Heart.

¤   Live LOVE …and Prosper!!!    ALWAYS!!!




Be Cautious with all investment funds; All stocks,  all bonds, and all mutual funds.


Especially when someone is speaking of “Socially Responsible”, or “Green”, or “ECO”

Investing, pay particular attention.  REMEMBER, although we are moving into a more ethical and integrity based planetary culture, we still have liars, crooks, marketers, and profiteers among the business community.   In the examples, herein, You have been shown that corporations can say one thing in their marketing materials and hype, but look at their history over a lengthy period.   In newer companies, you can look at the records of the management team and board of directors prior to coming to their current positions. What kind of companies did they leave and why?   What was/is the former companies track records?   Did these people hold positions of power and/or authority? What were their decisions regarding Love of Mother Earth?  How do they live their daily lives in support of Mother Earth.  You can obtain info from the brokers that bring the funds to You but remember this too…THEY ONLY GET PAID IF YOU BUY!

Always go to your Heart for your decisions!!!

Leave the brain alone, use it for calculating not decision making.

Decision making is to be based from the Heart

and flowered with “Divine” Wisdom.



Excerpt of Links from Land Resource Guide & PDF #3 of 6

 Desktop Convenience Links PDF #3 of 6  Pages B002 thru B094

PDF of Basics Section 1A: Chronological Links



Man Invents Machine to CONVERT PLASTIC INTO OIL   5m7s

Blest Company manufactures machines that recycle plastic into oil. This machine produces unrefined oil, composed of kerosene, diesel, gasoline …  1kg plastic to 1 litre oil                    7m37s

B084    INTRO TO PERMACULTURE 11 – Rural Permaculture ~ with Bill Wilson    9m10s

B085    “Eco Building  4m30s

                        …a diversity of building design and materials are shown here.

B085    photo article: “off the grid ideas, living off the grid” ~ more resources at end of article

B086    The American Society of Dowsers

B087    Canadian Society of Dowsers      

B087    The Holistic Intuition Society ~ Dowsers Canada


B088    Northwest EcoBuilding Guild of builders, designers, suppliers, homeowners,

and partners.

Send your ideas & questions to Copy&paste Email.

B089   EcoNest Co. ~ Living Sanctuaries of Clay, Straw and Timber invites owner

and community participation into the building process thru building workshops    Robert Laporte, Paula Baker-Laporte, FAIA

B089   Econ O Dome Homes:  Residential Wind Power Turbines & Dome Home Kits for Building Round Dome Homes

(with vertical first level walls).     Residential Wind Power Turbine

B091    Eco Building Products    

B091    Oregon Shepard Natural Wool Insulation

B092    Comparison chart of all natural wool over traditional synthetics/fiberglass:


Excerpt of Links from Land Resource Guide & PDF #4 of 6

Desktop Convenience Links PDF #4 of 6 begins on page B095 thru B177

PDF of Basics Section 1B: Chronological Links

in LAND RESOURCE GUIDE  for Desktop Convenience


PDF 1B Basics Chronological begins with the chapter SAVE THE BEES p.B095

B095   Dead Birds, Bees & Fish Explained By EPA Document?     5m44s

B095   Disappearance of the Bees Sequel 2          9m28s

B095  See the movie:   “Queen of the Sun”  Website’s Home Page will have details.


B095   Save the Bees, Urges U.N.          Bees’ declines range up to 85 percent in some areas

B096   Scroll down the site for info and updates on Colony Collapse Disorder, Honey Bee health, downloadable PDFs

and what You can do to Help Save The Bees.

B096   Call For Politicians To Save The Bees ~  the Government should suspend the use of neonicotinoid pesticides

which have been linked to bee deaths…  The pesticides attacked bees’ central nervous systems….


B098    This is a brief snapshot of things we can do to save the bees, but there’s more information on this site.

B098    Also see Ruhl’s Bee Supply from sourcing above.

B109   Life in a Russian Eco Village  4min 09sec  Rodnoe Village, Vladimir Region

B109    Also see other eco-village links for your review  on the site below in section 10:

B109    Mother Earth Magazine  01-01/Intentional-Communities.aspx

B109    Intentional Communities website – your source for community information.







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