Table of Contents

In this very Abbreviated Table of Contents below are samplings from over  70 Table of Contents entries.

page  SECTION 1: The Basics ~ 199 pages

B005  About the Author

B007  Why This Guide Was Written

B009  About the Land Buyers Resource Guide and How to use it

B012   About the Forms {also included in Section  on page F001}            

F005     √ Prior to Purchase “Questions You Need to Know the Answers  To…”
. . . . . . . . . . .
~65 pages Outlined by Categories and Prioritized in a Natural Flow, with Tutorial Comments.

F070     Glossary & Tutorial for some terms used in the Forms

F088     Example Purchase Agreement ~ without commentary  {not legal advice}

F094     Example Form: Mechanic’s & Material Supplier’s Lien Waiver  {not legal advice}

F096     √  Utility and Government Departmental Info Research lists    

F108      4 Project PlanTracking Chart lists: Feasibility, Planning, Development & Construction 

F120      Weekly Progress Tracker …for notebook 8 pages   …for wall 24 pages                     

F144       Subcontractor Bid Summary List per trade for Development.

B016    Dedication, Intention and Purpose

B018    Your Dream Land and Home ~ Your MotherLand

B041    Sustain~Ability

B061    WHAT IS Sustainable Development

B099    Sustainability Begins Two Fold: A Personal Case Study


B105        .     • Master Plan Outline   • Business/Creation Plan Outline   • Established Model Communities;

B119    IN THE REAL WORLD  ~ How things work and effect You and your Dream MotherLand.

B121     .  ••What Do YOU Really “Own” when You Obtain Land with a Certificate of Title or Deed.

B126              • Example Purchase Agreement WITH COMMENTARY {NOT LEGAL ADVICE}

B135              • What to do with not enough cash, downpayment, or no bank financing


B162    The Importance of Organization …AND USING Organizing Tools 

B169    Connecting the Dots  

B173    Re-Balance

B178    Recommended Reference Materials  followed by Genteral Interest Links B182

B186    Referenced Links in chronological order of appearance in Land Resource Guide.

A001    SECTION 2: APPENDIX ~Added Info on subjects, concepts, or materials in Guide.~149 pages

F001    SECTION 3: FORMS  See “About the Forms” listed above at page B012. ~164 pages

512 Total Total Possible PRINTABLE Pages can be printed on 339 sheets if You choose to print that many.
The Questions and Forms in “SECTION 3: THE FORMS” IS THE ONLY MANDATORY PRINTING of 164 pages on 164 sheets.  Helpful, but not required, Section 1: THE BASICS 199 pages prints 2 sides on 100 sheets. Section 2: THE APPENDICES (printing is not required) is alternative Supplemental Reading generally for topics raised in THE BASICS. Section 2 is149 pages printed 2 sides on 75 sheets.”

+ 39   Desktop Convenience Live Links PDF pages in 7 Desktop Convenience PDFs in chronological orderof appearance for online computer viewing, entertaining research, and learning.
No printing needed as already included in full Land Resource Guide.

Land Resource Guide of Live Love and Propser.

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